Hey there, future Rocket League champs! Are you ready to become a Rocket League superstar and have a blast doing it?

Jump into the Rocket League arena with Kendall Hamilton, your secret weapon to gaming greatness. With a top 10 global ranking in 3v3 battles, I’ve navigated the highs and lows of competitive play, mastering every trick and strategy along the way. Now, I’m here to share that winning edge with you. Whether you’re already scoring goals or just gearing up for your first match, together we’ll dive deep into the mechanics of the game, finesse your techniques, and catapult your performance into the league of champions. Get ready to transform your play and become the Rocket League sensation everyone will be talking about.

Rocket League Mastery Program by Kendall Hamilton

Your Path to Greatness.

Program Objectives

Enhance, Understand, Excel 



Enhance Your Skills

Through personalized training sessions, I will help you develop the technical proficiency and in-game mechanics needed to outmaneuver opponents with ease.

Boost Competitive Performance

Elevate your competitive edge with targeted drills and personalized insights. I'll share the tips and tricks that have propelled me to success in Rocket League championships.

Deepen Game Understanding

Unlock the secrets of Rocket League strategy, positioning, and decision-making. Gain a profound understanding of the game that sets champions apart.

Who Should Enroll in this Program?

Young Gamers with Aspirations

Passionate about gaming and looking to explore and excel in Rocket League? eager to learn and open to new strategies and techniques? To become proficient in Rocket League, understand the mechanics of the game, and start competing in amateur leagues or school competitions?

Intermediate Players Seeking Improvement

Regular Rocket League players with a basic to moderate skill level, looking for advanced techniques and strategies to elevate their gameplay. To refine skills, learn advanced tactics, and start making a mark in online tournaments and ranked play.

So Are You Ready to Elevate Your Game?

 Limited slots are available for this exclusive program. Whether you're dreaming of joining the esports elite or just want to impress your friends, the Kendall Hamilton Rocket League Mastery Program is your ticket to success.

Individual Sessions


(Get a Discount Package of 3 Sessions for $150 )

  • Assessment and Personalized Goal Setting
  • Personalized Fundamental and Advanced Training
  • Tactical Analysis and Training
  • Mental and Physical Fitness Guidance
  • Customized Coaching and Feedback
  • Regular Progress Tracking and Evaluation

Group Sessions


(Get a Discount on Package of 3 Group Sessions per Participant for $100)

  • Group Skill Assessment and Objective Setting
  • Group Fundamental and Advanced Training
  • Tactical Group Training
  •  Group Discussions on Mental and Physical Fitness
  • Group Coaching Sessions and Shared Feedback
  • Group Progress Tracking and Evaluation

Discovery Call

Let's Create Success Together!

Before diving into the heart of our teaming up, we believe in the importance of a discovery call. This initial conversation allows us to understand your unique requirements, challenges, and aspirations. We'll explore the specific goals you aim to achieve, any pain points you currently experience, and the expectations you have from our partnership.
So let's dive in, unveil your needs, and chart the course for a seriously successful team!
Book Your Call!

Oh and here's an Amazing Additional Module for Both Individual and Group Sessions.

Monetizing Through Streaming

In addition to honing your Rocket League skills, the Kendall Hamilton Rocket League Mastery Program offers an exciting opportunity for both Individual and Group Sessions – the Monetizing Through Streaming module!

What's Included:

Introduction to streaming and brand building.
Strategies for audience engagement and monetization.
○ Promoting streams and handling online presence.


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