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The Cape Escape: Redefining Your Superpowers

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as Dr. Gigi Hamilton unravels the layers of women's roles and societal expectations in "The Cape Escape." Within these pages, you will gain profound insights and actionable strategies to transform your life

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 Jumpstart the New You.

Are you tired of feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and yearning for positive change in your life? It's time to embark on a transformative journey with renowned expert Dr. Gigi Hamilton. This unique coaching program is designed exclusively for professionals who are ready to break free from the chains of unhappiness and unlock their true potential.

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Rocket League Mastery Program by Kendall Hamilton

Are you a young gamer with dreams of dominating the Rocket League arena? Look no further – Kendall Hamilton, a seasoned professional gamer and Rocket League championship contestant, is here to guide you on your journey to becoming a Rocket League maestro!

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"My Cape, My Rules" Mug

"Introducing 'My Cape, My Rules' mug, inspired by 'The Cape Escape'. Immerse in adventure, love, and self-discovery with each sip. Bold design, empowering message – the perfect reader's companion. Order now for an elevated reading experience!



The Cape Escape: Redefining Your Superpowers.

This book, "The Cape Escape: Redefining Your Superpowers." written by Dr.Gigi Hamilton, discovers how to cultivate your unique strengths and embrace authenticity in a world that often demands conformity. Dare to dream big and start your journey toward an extraordinary life today.


My Comfort Tree: A Child's Journey Through Change

When natural life events occur, they can bring about intense emotional experiences for children. My Comfort Tree by Dr. Gigi Hamilton is a book that expresses how children experience emotional journeys and deal with change in a positive manner. 


Let the Marriage Begin! 

Are you feeling alone or embarrassed to ask questions as you date and plan to marry? Do you wish your wedding gifts included a how to manual? Want help to co-create a successful marriage?

Let the Marriage Begin!: A Practical Guide to Getting Married and Surviving Your First Year is your how-to manual to help you understand the phases people do not realize exist in dating, planning the wedding, the honeymoon, and the first year.


Game Changer Forum For Parents

A virtual community to give you access to information to take advantage of the gaming industry.

Join us and other like-minded parents and get access to gaming industry people and resources. We meet biweekly Tuesday meetings at 6PM  EST!



Executive Coaching

Are you ready to move to the next level in your career? This is for you!

Executive coaching involves a series of 1-1 meetings with Dr. Gigi to help you develop your knowledge and skills to be more impactful and effective in your career.



The Art of Gaming

Navigating the Gaming World: A free Course for Parents!

Learn everything you need to know to be a well-informed gaming parent.



Don't Hate The Player, Learn The Game!

This program is very personal to Dr. Gigi. She shares her own experience with finding out that her son was ranked as one of the top gamers in the world.

Learn how much the gaming industry has to offer their children and how to take advantage of it.